Thank  you for visiting the Qualified Aerospace Instructors Course. Our mission is:


“To deliver an aerospace course to senior cadets of the ACO that combines academic and synthetic training in aerospace based subjects combined with personal development training"


The course aims:


 "To produce qualified individuals who are competent to instruct in squadron, activity centre and ACE Platform environments and who can actively contribute towards aerospace development within the ACO”


The course is designed and delivered by an outstanding team of instructors who are passionate about aerospace subjects and are committed to delivering an exceptional standard of training to our students.


On this site you will find information about the content of the course, the training locations and the staff team. This is intended to provide prospective student, their parents and ACO staff in general a clear understanding of the course and the standard  and capabilities of the students who graduate.


Our graduates, or Qualified Aerospace Instructors (QAIs), proudly wear the the blue lanyard on their uniforms and triangular QAI badge on their flying suits. They will not only have proven knowledge in a wide range of aerospace subjects but will be confident and capable instructors.


Wing Commander Ian Revell

Officer Commanding QAIC